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called MUCKs and MUSHes (derivatives of TinyMUDs) I frequent, and a few of them have online RP rooms set up for tabletop style gaming. For a good rundown of ways to aid roleplaying on a MU*, take a look at:
Also look at issue135.html for general internet GMing.
Mostly, you want to have an avenue in which you`re comfortable with your abilities. I couldn`t even attempt RP over IRC because I`d get too tangled up investigating the commands rather than pay attention to the game.
Establish some guidelines for how to determine who should be acting at a given time, should you take a MU* route. Most people I know are good enough to act in turns, but occasionally you need to type out something long on the spur of the moment... either type out something quickly and indicate you`re not finished (throw `em a bone while cooking the meat), or indicate beforehand it`s going to be long. Nobody likes staring at a screen that isn`t moving if they don`t know why.
Plan on /everything/ taking longer than it would face-to-face, especially combat. You may want to look into some of the optional rules for speeding up combat.

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pbem/pbp on Yahoo groups. The GM wanted to do a couple of group <email> . The chat ware that comes with Groups ah, sucked. We <email> `s IM and had no serious problems. Did so well the GM moved the campaign to chat, much to the annoyance of a couple of players whose schedules weren`t cooperating.

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