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Wolf Pack
In the forest, a wolf pack lives. The alpha of the pack welcomes you, asking if you want to join. It is your choice. Link to my wolf. (Female) ((Name: Alpha)) ...
by squirrelflight23
Wolf-themed games
Here are a few popular wolf-themed games worth trying: 1. Feral Heart It is a free-roaming 3D RPG game inspired by The Lion King, which allows the players to explore a massive world with a wide ...
by Lloyd
Tips for playing Mouse Guard
Are you about to embark on your first game of Mouse Guard? Well, once you have read all the rules and the instructions book, here are some additional tips to help get you started! 1. Teamwork In ...
by Lloyd
Looking to try a new game that is similar to Feral Heart?
Have you enjoyed playing Feral Heart, but now you're looking to try something new? Here are two games that you can try as demos! Both games are similar to Feral Heart and have received great ...
by Lloyd
Joe Dever's "Lone Wolf" series online for free!
Many of you may remember these "choose your own adventure" hybrids that were also a game. Well, for a few years now, they have been compiling them and the art from them and they are now available ...
by wallywampa
What is the game Dragon's Call about?
image from Dragon's Call II Dragon's Call is cool, but has become relatively old now:) Here is a summary of the plot and setting so that you may decide whether or not to play - if you have not ...
by Asif Nadeem
Found out I still have an account
I so suck as a person when it comes to remembering what things are and who is who. I'm basically out of ideas and I left a few things going. After a year or two, I left due to a stalker, which ...
by SilverShadowWolf
Serenity RPG: "Six-Shooters & Spaceships" Review
Hello again, folks! Just postin' up here a blog concernin' the Serenity RPG book "Six-Shooters & Spaceships." This here book ain't much more than wishlist of goods, guns and ships. Now, all in ...
by wallywampa
What is Rune scape and are there fun games like it?
Rune Scape has been the world's largest free MMORPG and the most updated game according to Wikipedia and the Guinness Book, too. The game itself has three versions, the latest was launched in ...
by Asif Nadeem
Having trouble activating your Wolf Quest account? Try this!
First of all, be aware that accounts are typically activated after around 3-6 days. Most users just receive an e-mail when their account has been activated. If more than six days have passed and ...
by Lloyd
Dresden Files RPG
Well, the wait is slowly nearing a possible end. I say slowly because I have been waiting for this game for awhile now and the time seems to crawl by and by "possible end" I mean they have ...
by wallywampa
How to modify a nerf vulcan EBF-25 to a Nerf gatling gun
By JKDesigns (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons For me, the basic Nerf Vulcan is quite awesome, but in case you are not satisfied with the rate of fire or are simply tired of fighting conventional, ...
by Asif Nadeem
Vlog of Doom E3 - Doctor Who News, Gencon, and me hitting the microphone (sorry!) :)
Slowly but surely, they are getting better! Like, Share, and leave a comment, please! Have suggestions for topics, let me know. Until next time, keep the dice rolling...
by wallywampa
Who are the Fair Folk in the game Exalted?
Fair Folks are beings made of the Wyld itself, and are creatures of pure chaos and potential. It is said that they are the heart of themselves, which means that they are feeding maws opened around ...
by Lloyd
Do D&D rules for "alignment" really help?
On some newspapers, every week there is an astrology column. We all know it is nonsense, not (only) because you can't predict the future, but mainly because you try to divide the entire human race ...
by random
Do RPG players think more logically?
Here are some effects that could help role playing gamers think more logically: 1. Studies show that people who are playing RPGs tend to learn how to interact with others more freely and in a ...
by Lloyd
How to keep a LARP running smoothly
Here are 5 simple tips to keep a LARP running smoothly: 1. Make the rules as clear as possible. One of the most common problem in running a LARP is that there is always someone who doesn't follow ...
by Lloyd
Game design process #1
I was invited to start a blog here and thought, because I just got rained out from the work I've been doing outside, to start. I have been in the process of writing an FRPG and wanted to post some ...
by thirdkingdom
Error message while playing Diablo
If the error message that reads "Cannot properly identify application version" is appearing while you are playing the computer game Diablo, you can try these fixes: For Windows: Try running the ...
by Lloyd
How to set up a game that you've never run before
Did you just get a new game and don't want to see the above message pop up during installation? If so, try the following tips to make sure that your game installs correctly and runs smoothly! 1. ...
by Lloyd
Vlog of Doom E2
Please, let me know what you think and how I can improve it! Thanks!
by wallywampa
Osric Unearthed
There are a lot of RPG and ORPG products out there, one of them is a 42 page PDF written by Charles Rice Osric Unearthed James from Grognardia reviewed it in depth. Check it out!
by Mildred
Report on vampire's Empire
Undoubtedly Vampire Diaries is so popular show in youth and children’s. Today vampire style are running to set a new glamorous trend like harry potter, game of thrown. The Vampire Diaries have ...
by alexanderleytan
Mile Hi Con of 2014
First off, the gaming area of the convention is huge, it takes up most of what is usually used to be the restaurant, so far there was a combination of table top RPGs and also board games, we had one ...
by SilverShadowWolf
Going to Mile Hi Con
I will be attending the oldest convention in Denver, which is for gaming, sci-fi, and fantasy, I'm more going for the Doctor Who stuff and also seeing if I can find the latest from Mercedes Lackey's ...
by SilverShadowWolf
Lif: an alternative to Wolfquest and Feralheart
Credit for this post goes to SuzyQ. Looking for an alternative to Wolfquest, Feralheart, and other popular wolf games? There is a game called Lif, and it's on multiple sites (such as ...
by Vale
Most Memorable Moment in an RPG
Well everyone, it's time to tell us about your most memorable moment while playing your favorite RPG. Whether it's D&D, VtM, or just any game at all, we want to hear about it. Write a few lines, ...
by Jaalenn
Anime TRPG's
How many of you play on RPG video games or online and how many of you still prefer TRPG games?Personaly, being old school I would much rather go with the latter, I find it involves me much more Ewen ...
by Mildred
This is getting annoying...
Alright, where are you all at and what the hell are you doing??? I know there are ppl reading the forum and checking the posts, but no one is posting, or even interacting in any way whatsoever. Come ...
by Jaalenn
D&D Third Edition Online Resources
You might be having trouble finding game materials for D&D 3rd edition, because a lot of publishers have swiched to the forth addition by now. There are still online sources with third edition ...
by Mildred
Cross Posting: Palladium Books, Robotech and Kickstarter Expectations
Palladium Books, Robotech and Kickstarter Expectations An article I wrote over on Word of the Nerd if any cares to take a gander! Until next time, keep the dice rolling!
by wallywampa
GenCon Indianapolis: Good Beer and Good Times
I like beer. Not just beer I buy at the gas station or grocery store, but good beer. Sure, I drink my share of PBR (guilty pleasure but I like it), Guinness, Blue Moon, Mothership Wit, and various ...
by wallywampa
Is the Fun Leaving the Game
If gold selling and buying are a symptom, and the grind required to get money and/or items in game is the disease, then what would happen if we removed - or severely restricted - or changed, ...
by Mildred
Which Classic D&D Character Are You?
Apparently, According to Dungeon Mastering's quizz Which Classic D&D Character Are You? I am Drizzt Do'Urden from Forgotten Realms! Like Drizzt, you often feel like a misunderstood outsider ...
by Mildred
Bramblestars Storm
Great book! No spoilers though. K, Squirrelflight may possibly have kits in the next book with modern Thunderclan in it. No promises!
by squirrelflight23
Making OD&D Your Own
And more about OD&D and making it your own OD&D Magic, Blackmoor Style James from Grognardia makes a very good argument about the need to give up the rigidity and allow for personal ...
by Mildred
Resurrecting Characters
I love reading narrations of other peoples campaigns, and unfortunately they are not all that easily come by, or not really clear and easy reading. James from Grognardia posted a great narration of ...
by Mildred
New Content Section!
I just wanted to let everyone know that we here at RPJ Junction have decided hat it is time for everyone to be able to share their creations. Therefore we have created a new forum section for you all ...
by Jaalenn
The Land of Oz as RPG
I guess being a fantasy and cartoon fan kind of goes with the turf of being a dedicated RPG player. Anything that whisks you away to some place completely different than here. I could see role ...
by Mildred
Wuxia Western RPG - Far West
Stumbled across this at GenCon this year. A game design company attempted a new business model using Here, you post your project and ask people to contribute money to see it ...
by wallywampa

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