Any wolf games like wolf Play?: not wolf-heaven, and ferrel heart, also you don't have to download

😲 Is there any wolf games like wolf play?: not wolf-heaven,and ferrel heart: 🤔

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Hi There! 😊

Here are some wolf RPGs that you might want to try:

1. Impressive World
Website: -

2. Wolf Quest
Website: -

2. Wolf Soul
Website: -

There's also a highly anticipated upcoming game called "Primitive Call". And I heard it would be a great one! Watch out!

Enjoy Your Game!
Lloyd 👍

2 years ago #3
Cheif Relief

animal jam is a cool game you can be alot of other animals too its EXTREMELY popular i cant believe u dont play it yet. you can decorate your own home, make your unique character, have cute pets, go shopping, chat, make friends, play mingames to earn cool rewards and money, and trade your items with other players to get really rare items, and become cool and popular! also no download its free and online! have fun! 😎

2 years ago #4

yes thair is lif ware you can be a bunny,fox,bare and a wolf😊

2 years ago #5

Is it weird to have alot of games... Like ... 20?;-;

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Not at all...for a beginner X3. On my pc, i have 47 games total that i have downloaded 😄 yup XD and surprisingly, i only play a few quite often. I actually havent been gaming much due to school and art stuff, but other than that, im forever a gamergirl

2 years ago #7
Thejellywolfofnute ...

there is isle of eventide but i think its still on the last render
its like primitive call
also cant wait till that game comes out

1 year ago #8
Wolf-Heaven Is Awesome!

Yes... I've played Wolf-Heaven and many others! If you play Wolf-Heaven then look for Animalover30000 or ShadeoftheDarkness! I'm those two players!! Try the game and you'll fall in love if you love wolves!👍 😁 😄 😃 😊 😉 😋 😎 👍 😲

1 year ago #9
sprit wolf

what is it called

1 year ago #10
Rory The Cat

👍 You Should try out:
Lioden (NO DOWNLOAD! it's an online lion game, where you breed special bases, trade items, hunt for food, login daily to feed your lions, be In a clan and get free food and items from the clan 'hoard'. You should also try out: WOLF (The game) : You can collect pack members, hunt, get a mate, have pups, SURVIVE. (But it requires payment and download.) you should also try out: Warriors Untold Tales : Warrios Untold Tales is all about living the life of a wild cat, be in a clan, or play as a rogue (A cat that's alone) become a kitty-pet! (House cat) have kits, survive the harsh winter! go to the gathering every new season! the game is endless! Controls: Ctrl to talk to a cat (Go up close to them) Enter to drink water or pick up food, Shift to enter hunt mode, click on prey and go up close (NOT TOO CLOSE, KEEP DISTANCE!!) and release shift to kill them.
Hope you like all these games!! 😉

1 year ago #11

I LOVE Lioden.

Wolf and Lion are good and for the Dos.

Animal Jam was my childhood game 😄.

Wcut (warrior cats untold tales) , best game ever , theres also catails , witch will be cool also..

Niche- Costs $30 , but an awesome game , if your into biology and genetic stuff (Im not sure if it an RPG , I think it is.) (Warning: Niche is very challenging.)

Untamed life of a cougar - Best game , worth the $16.

Shelter , shelter 2 , paws , meadow - awesome game where you raise your cubs , Paws where you play as a lynx cub , Meadow is multiplayer version.

WolfQuest : costs $10 , but awesome wolf MMORPG.

Lioden , and Animal jam , are no download.
The rest are download and most are not free.

1 year ago #12

ummm...😖 😖 😖 😖 😖

1 year ago #13
Emma and I love Wolves

😎 That is awesome! 🙂

7 months ago #14
plz help

how do u not buy wolf quest but still play the game🤗

7 months ago #15

Try wolfquest 2.5 instead of 2.7, its free! 😄

3 weeks ago #16

I got wolf quest, looking for other games other than wolf quest 😄

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