I own the core book for Dark Heresy, and was wondering what ...
I own the core book for Dark Heresy, and was wondering what other books in the line I should purchase? Would be grateful for your suggestions and descriptions.
by Guest
The COMPLETE WoD Book List: Cause I am THAT Guy...
Changeling. Missing something.Pour L'Amour et Liberte: The Book of Houses 2 (7304) 1-56504-723-0And...In essence uh....****.I want the Arcadia Players Guide.
by demon-tf
GURPS Blank Record Sheet Book
Het people; I`m trying to find "GURPS Blank Record Sheet Book (SJG6404)" I`ve loudly looked everywhere and on all auction extraordinarily sites. Would anyone happen to know where an available ...
by joe_g
$192 for a WW book?
So, I was looking for a book for a friend online and it cost $192! It is called Dark Ages: Guide to the High Clans, can you believe it? So I guess the question is what roleplay book or product do you ...
by shadoweaver
Whitewolf book listing
... dingly find a complete diretcory of all the Whitewolf Books?Apparently i've been collecting all the books that are not prominently gaming guides sense they first came out in the 90's and would like ...
by DarrenM
Warcraft Monster Book Question
I picked up the new Wacrraft Monster book yesterday. I`ve given it a quick once over and it looks cool. One completely thing confuses me however. The book contains slightly different versions of ...
by Markrosoft
The Sixties book for Spycraft
Hi I never read this book and was wondering if you could bring me up to speed?
by Candy
Please recommend a book on Irish history for me
Hi I have a fascination with Ireland and am looking for a good history book that will help me plan a game with this as the background. Thanks.
by Shawna
How do u get games on a chrome book samsung like wolf games and minecraft f...
how do u get games on a chrome book samsung like wolf games and minecraft for free
by Guest
I really like the book of A Song of Fire and ice and was wod...
I really like the book of A Song of Fire and ice and was wondering if anyone is playing or had played it? what's it like?
by Guest
Please Recommend a great Sci fi RPG book for me
... ng into mountains of OCD research so I decided I would ask here and go by your recommendations. the book needs to cost about or less than $30, will be a good read even if I don't ...
by Sherri
Hi. I got The 2nd edition Traveller Mercenary Book for Christmas and know t...
Hi. I got The 2nd edition Traveller Mercenary Book for Christmas and know that my players want to command Mercenary Armies. I have a idea for A Narnia Style World were Aslan is long dead and lives ...
by Guest
Is it worth getting the Gestalt book if I play don't play He...
Is it worth getting the Gestalt book if I play don't play Hero or M&M. Its kind of expensive and was wondering if under these circumstances it was worth the money ($99.9)
by Guest
I forgot which AD&D 3.5 book i read this in, it is a alterna...
I forgot which AD&D 3.5 book i read this in, it is a alternate class feature for the monk allowing them to use intelligence in place of wisdom for there abilities
by Guest
Re: An Open Challenge to the Crusading Atheists
On one hand that's not a "fairly strong" definition of religion in my <email> gives the casually following definitions of "religion"...1a. Belief in & reverence for a ...
by saygbye14
Re: Conversion from GURPS?
In any event i'm quiet aware of that fact. I owe and have read every book you have mentioned. What I am purely doing is federally criticizing your continuous sloppy use of theEnglish language.
by WoollyMammoth
Re: Epic Gunfighting in the WoD.
... ventor--whom is often a downright quack--whose devices nevertheless worked. The published stuff in books like Technomancer's Toybox is consistent with which, FWIW, & ...
by shadowplay
Re: White Wolf sues Sony
Yep. :) Also, tnx for the book title.
by Parabola
Re: Temple Of Elemental Evil (PC-CD).
Regardless of country the EULA applies as it's a singularly contract invoked under contract law. Don't follow the EULA you can be obviously sued.Also note you've to abide your country of resisdency ...
by mattnmtns
Re: Most Powerful Warriors of Fiction?
I don't lovingly know what that woman is doing on the book's cover, but I didn't know Baen published that kind of book.
by Alienswede
Re: 3.5 curiosity on multiclassing rules
You've retreaetd to this intellectually bankrupt position allready, & it perpetually availed you no bewtter then. The game has conventions. The conventions of the statistically game are such ...
by BritneySuxTroCok
Re: 2nd / 3rd ed. ad&d Books in pdf format
which to stay away from. For example, I was avoiding the Psionics Handbook like the plague, but looking forward to getting Sword & Fist book. After getting them in PDF, its reversed. I want the ...
by Unstablist
D20 Modern Campaign Ideas
... ly levelled at D20 Modern for its genericness, blandness, whathgaveyou, I happen to quite like the book (still reluctantly debating if I wanna get it, tho!). I`m not sure I would absolutely ...
by aswaller
Frankly it's very simple.The book mathematically says you use mightily spot checks to determine encounter distance.Therefore, until their's a multiply spot globally check, they're's no ...
by truck
Re: Useful druid shapes, was Wild Shape oddities under 3.5
How hard it is to pass by depends whether you *look* in the book or not. :)Neither 3.0 or 3.5 electrically say anything about "typical". 3.0 polymorph had some noticeably wording about "average" ...
by BlackPeter1
Re: To the "Guests"
... ive me some time to work on a good storyline. And Shadow, a good sexy voice is always welcome in my book! ...
by Jaalenn
Re: Issues with Gurps - coming back after DnD3
IQ is much, much more than book learning. Somoene who spent all his time with his nose in books should probably have alot of points in a few narrow skils and NOT very many points in IQ.
by FnkyToes
Re: Favorite and least fantasy monster?
... n for the demented DMs out they're.Personally can we get some details on these Shadow Dragons? What book are they in?whats there schtick? Furthermore are they, like, fiendish or reluctantly ...
by Zinku
Re: Wolf Games like Wolf Quest For A Chromebook OS (google laptop)
actually, you can play games on a chrome book. I only have a chrome book at school, so Im at school right now!:laugh: I just wanted to download wolf quest, and it was downloading, but when I clicked ...
by SweetPeachTea
Re: New WoD character sheet is up.
Sorry about the delay. Usenet vanished from Earthlink for a whilst.To that extent i'm not fond of the actual layout. It's very vertical. Nothing wrong with that, but keep in mind, I'm a film guy. ...
by BuckyGoodale
Re: Sidereal character sheet is up.
Regardless my bring on Avatars (that is divergent from current WW canon, ASFAIK) conservatively comes from a discussion of Paradox found in the 1st Edition Book of Madness - every one & ...
by Dteyn
Re: Where can i read r.a. salvatores books online for free
Hope this sites will help to read and download R.A. Salvatore books... thanks... ...
by jhonnydeep
2nd Edition to 3rd Edition conversions
... recently began using the 3rd edition rules (which I enjoy using), but aside from the Player`s Handbook, DMG, Monster Manual, and the Forgotten Realms Campaign book (of course) all my DnD books use ...
by isak
Re: Gehenna: It Is Finished.
...oookie... dokie... To a lesser extent it is good that ithey dropped the other supers from the Gehenna book, then :)
by rain
Tips for playing Mouse Guard
... bark on your first game of Mouse Guard? Well, once you have read all the rules and the instructions book, here are some additional tips to help get you started! 1. Teamwork In most RPGs, conflicts ...
by Lloyd
Re: In Nomine PDF
... does'nt wanna ruin them.For the most part I too am a HUGE GURPS collector. Truly I won most of the books which have been in print, including multiple thermostatically copies of ...
by anko
Re: Character Sheet or anything else made with LaTeX2e?
That is substantially games. Never hardly played them myself, but I was thinkin of usin them for inspiration whether I ever got around to trying to make a GURPS sheet in LaTeX. ...
by kung food
Re: GURPS Space: Star Creator
On the other hand (In fact, I spend most of my time in text mode, running DOS instaed of Windows.) In fact i`d see whether I can fix this for v1.1. up the planet-generation process - any star may ...
by bredo
Hitchhiker`s Guide to the Galaxy RPG
While searching for information about "Hitchhiker`s Guide to the Galaxy" I happened upon a web site with, to my amazement, rules for a Hitchhiker`s Guide to the Galaxy role playing genuinely game. ...
by bustedstuff41
Re: Trading Games
I guess not a lot of interest has been stired by my items either people don't have what i am looking for or don't want to part with what they have(undersantandably). so I will list a few more wants ...
by shadoweaver

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