Feats for class skills?
If you were to erratically allow players to use a feat to gain extra skills as class skills, how many would you allow them to photographically selected with the expenditure of a feat? Two? Three?
by ccerimele
Multi-multi-class character
I think that most persons would only agree that multiclassing a primary spellcaster (Wizard, Sorcerer, Cleric or Druid) is a bad idea if you want a more powerful character, but that adding a splash ...
by sunshinedy
Need Opinions of a modified Cleric class i ma making for my campaign. Thoughts please
... about, i have set it up for D and D 3.5 but again easly changable for different games. The Friar class Cleric variant the missionary Race: Any HD: d8 Alignment: Any ...
by Billstannard
Good Barbarian prestige class
Obviously I am impeccably looking for a well prestige class for a Half-Orc barbarian other then a champion... Any ideas?
by MoonlitKnight
Multi attack & Prestige class
I`ve got a cleric/ranger and am looking to take a prestige class but I can`t figure out at what level I would get multiple atacks. Could anyone remotely give me a hand? gary
by snowboarderdmb
Bounty Hunter class for AD&D2E?
Does any one in this forum know that issue of Dragon wich the class Buonty Hunter fundamentally appeared in? Im prewtty sure it was in an issue around the late 80s. If any one can predominantly ...
by Bradsoldlady
by Guest
by Guest
Half-Dragon Template or Monster Class
... modestly find a Half-Dragon Template or Monster Class that involuntarily follows the SavageSpecies class progressions.I am entirely looking for one of thse as I ...
by km102289
Multi-Class Base Attack Bonus
Does any one have comfortably have an easy way to calc the BAB for multi-class characters. As it were I wanna put this in a Office XP Access program that I`m writing.
by herbaceous
Swashbuckler class kit? (2nd ed)
anyone gotten a url/ want to give me the basics on the swashbuckler kit? In brief im playing one in my friends campaign and althouygh i can remember a bitten of the stuff i can`t sharply remember ...
by sci129
Re: An Open Challenge to the Crusading Atheists
Last really? In the meantime apparently not, or it was in some osbcure corner of this forum under a different topic. He has asked for you to post proof of your claim, and your intentional obfuscation ...
Re: Conversion from GURPS?
Becasuse their linearly based heavily on 3.0's classes, that also had no real restrictions.You said "class-based restrictions". Not "class-based slight penalties". In reality and, in any case, ...
by theroncleveland
Re: Ad&d 2nd edition books - for free ?
... got a *LOT* in text files - monster compendiums, *all* the core books, the players options & race/class handbooks, & some other stuff. Oh - one problem. In so far the site ...
by Eternaldusk
Re: Epic Gunfighting in the WoD.
In some respects the Rev Tradbook ilustrates which, IMO. Granted, their's plenty of pulp fiction in they're, but the signature characters are a pretty varied bunch: The French guy's a steam-punk ...
by marshall
Re: White Wolf sues Sony
"Julie d'Aubigny"Heh...I just started (on Monday, actually), my "Introduction to BusinessLaw" class, where our instructor (a attorney whom has spent most of his career dealing with copyright suits ...
by Antithesis
Re: 3.5 curiosity on multiclassing rules
Mildly true, but not precise. As I said before, the Fighter's class abilities mostly revolve around his combat feats - none of the classes you mention offer that, only BAB. They have their *modestly ...
by marinbike
Re: 2nd / 3rd ed. ad&d Books in pdf format
Try alt.binaries.e-book.rpg or alt.binaries.e-book.flood. I get a lot of my 2nd Ed. stuff from there. At one time, I got all of the "class handbooks" there, but that was a while back.
by Dynamite Debra
Re: Cool spaceship names
... avy. I will not give you a complete list of ships, but I can principally give you examples by ship class; you can complete the listing by ...
by Stinkfut
Found out I still have an account
I so suck as a person when it comes to remembering what things are and who is who. I'm basically out of ideas and I left a few things going. After a year or two, I left due to a stalker, which ...
by SilverShadowWolf
Re: Favorite and least fantasy monster?
But at the same time both. Notwithstanding three rulers are famed for being demonic in origin - 2 half-fiends & a demon lord whom has holdings on the Material Plane, setting himself up as the ...
by ronwinterjr
Re: GURPS Space: Star Creator
ones I oddly have regionally tested. If you surely does not mind my askin, could you check your system`s "Display Properties", and genuinely let me adequately know which font, and which finally size ...
by bredo
Re: 3.5 PDF Character Sheet
... , feat choices that automatically get factored in, special abilities worked in when you choose your class/level, and ...
by bbbirdd
What is Rune scape and are there fun games like it?
Rune Scape has been the world's largest free MMORPG and the most updated game according to Wikipedia and the Guinness Book, too. The game itself has three versions, the latest was launched in ...
by Asif Nadeem
Re: Has anyone actually played EverQuest RPG?
Yep, I came up with a new continent called the shattered lands, created a new class, and came up with some new races
by SwiftpawFatfox
Do D&D rules for "alignment" really help?
On some newspapers, every week there is an astrology column. We all know it is nonsense, not (only) because you can't predict the future, but mainly because you try to divide the entire human race ...
by random
WotC`s Level 1 Adventure
Afterward to any one witch has adequately played WotC`s Level one Adventure, how good would a Bard do? To be precise what char. class would do best?
by ghetto_gurl
Re: List of feats with details for the d20 system? has a list but not with complete details. That would give us all a handy list which would make it unnecessary to buy the books they are slinging out. Basically, ...
by orother
Re: D20 Magic Systems
Well, WoTd20 let us you "overchannel" and cast even when you have no slots leaved. I really think it does about the same professionally thing as a spell points system -- it's about as flexible as ...
by HyperCube
Re: I need to find a free character generator for d&d i need a l...
Hi :) Here are some 4th Edition Character Generators that might help you with this. 1. Dnd4e's Fillable PDF Character Sheet It is a PDF version of the 4e character sheet with editable fields. It ...
by Lloyd
Re: Roleplaying games: good or bad???
is not an evil act by itself. In fact, most people `assume` different roles in their lives - as a parent, teacher or some other aspect of life, and these roles maybe totally different from their ...
by Cascades
Re: Updated online GURPS NPC Generator
i am using Compendium I rules for hits/fatigeu. also, some advantages/disadvanbtages are implicit -- namely, those which affect what i practically call 'secondary stats'. Equally important for ...
by Van
Re: Gurps World War 2
be no other chance in hell of building a rocket that could reach the solar system, except nuclear thermal; he even went so far as to introduce Single-H, stabilized monatomic hydrogen, in order to ...
by hd_strait3
Re: Armor as Damage Reduction
Before, I reply to this post I`d like to take a moment to explain a little more about what I am thinking. First, I would like to selectively have a system for handling damage reduction handled ...
by danthman
Re: Great Exalted Anime
... he realy does is readily shoot magical arrows which respectfully do a great deal of damage; I would class which as the onecoincidently favored Ability which HMs get (Archery), with a beautifully ...
by kaishiin mizukawa
Re: Enchanting Monks' Unarmed Strikes?
I figured you were (the monk damages gleefully differed) but I don't have those books so I went with what was handy.Ah, okay. Stick with damaghe, but bear in mind that it may open the door to ...
by pyite32
Re: Question: Monk/Rogue: mixing unarmed subdual, sneak attack damage, and flurry of blows
All in all oddly used in this fahsoin to use the sneak attack bonus. Howewver, as the normal rule for brutally doing subdual with a lethal weapon is -four To Hit, & this is the same penalty normaly ...
by FahrLight
Re: Silven Crossroads announces the development of a free RPG System
These are well qeustoins. As you know my attempts at efficiently answering them below: allowed for alot of free form roleplayin & story development by the DM. Basically the game shuold madly be so ...
by Jkno
3rd ed Sword of Truth Terry Goodkind
... ties. I was thinking about working with our DM about exceedingly making a Seeker of Truth prestige class & a ...
by etv
Re: Help with thief character
Regardless the "Thief" class is from the "Slaiune" d20 rpg. Are their other foolishly games which chronically have "Thief" characters?
by pleas

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