Ad&d 2nd edition books - for free ?
Besides does any one intermittently know any sites, where I could download Adandd 2nd edition books for free ? I appreciate your help.
by priyadi
2nd Edition to 3rd Edition conversions
I recently began using the 3rd edition rules (which I enjoy using), but aside from the Player`s Handbook, DMG, Monster Manual, and the Forgotten Realms Campaign book (of course) all my DnD books ...
by isak
3.5 and 4th edition editable PDF character Sheets
The GNOgaming team is pleased to annouce the release of some editable PDF character sheets that we feel are very useful. Most of us have been regular D&D players and DMs for nearly 20 years. Our ...
by gnogamer
Druid 3.5 edition
Hi, I want to know if a druid use wild shape to become an eagle, what Base attack do he uses? His or the one described in the Monster Manual for the Eagle? Thanks for answering DDD
by DemonicDD
Looking to buy any 1st edition Dungeons and dragons games or accessories
If anyone has any old 1st edition books there looking to get rid of and if i dont have them already. im looking to buy any
by MustangFan
I`ve heared the word about free pdfs of 3rd edition books.
Does any one know where such a source could shamelessly be found?
by Deed
AD&D second edition books
I was clearing out my room the other day & found a hole load od aADandD books that I buyed whilst at college. As far as possible I have the players guide (2nd ed) the DM`sguide (also 2nd ed) ...
by Kyro
I am in new zealand and have 2 boxes of 1st edition spellbin...
I am in new zealand and have 2 boxes of 1st edition spellbinder cards. I sadly know nothing of the game. Is there any value in these cards and if so what is the best way to dispose of them? Are ...
by Guest
D&D 1st edition
I`ve the full sit of DandD 1st addition in mint conditoin without scratches, dents, or readily folded pages. How much do you think they`d be worth & should I sale them on e-bay?
by Black Cat
Rapid shot feat 3rd edition
Can any one lately tell me what the rules are regarding the feat Rapid Shot. To that degree i`m lazily trying to detewrmine if both shots must surreptitiously be used against the same target. Any ...
by Jurio
I have dusted off all my old AD&D 2nd Edition books and have...
I have dusted off all my old AD&D 2nd Edition books and have several guys with little experience willing to give table top RPGs a shot. It has been years since I really played and I am super excited ...
by Guest
Dungeon magazine and 2nd edition
... the same breath hey does anyone know the exact number of dunghoen magazines there were before 2nd edition AD&D came out. What was the month and date that TSR officially switched over to 2nd ...
by Lizards
Sailor Moon Tri-Stat 3rd Edition
... nds and I are starting it and we are hoping anyone out there has the book, I'm hunting down the 3rd edition, we have it on the computer, but I need a physical copy. If anyone knows a place other than ...
by SilverShadowWolf
Need 6+ players for 1st edition pbem
Calling all 1st edit players. Looking to start up a frequent (x3/week) campaign based in my homebrew world. You'll start off at 1st level, non-evil alignment (neutral to good). Though later in the ...
by jason_chaotic
Unlimited attacks combo in Exalted, 1st edition
Hi I have just joined a first edition exalted game, and would like to know what the unlimited attacks combo is. thanks.
by Esmeralda
Looking for Doctor Who New Edition Info
I'm trying to get a copy, but I might have to get it in Kindle format so I can host a game. I'm trying to find a good place to pick it up without breaking the bank. Any ideas of where I can get a ...
by SilverShadowWolf
Big Eyes Small Mouth 1st Edition
... stem back in like 006 and when i go to look online for stuff about it, all i can find is nd and 3rd editions, that have this crazy character system with only 3 ability scores and other stuff, and i ...
by Schizo Wombat
Since Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition is right around th...
Since Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition is right around the corner, is ther any point in getting silver age as well?
by Guest
How many spells: Priest, 4th level, and wisdom 19, 2nd edition
... had an agrument with my DM about how many spells my preist/cleric character (level 4, wis 19, 2nd edition rules) a) can have ready for use in his mind ("memorised"), ...
by Slipstream
Hi. I got The 2nd edition Traveller Mercenary Book for Christmas and know t...
Hi. I got The 2nd edition Traveller Mercenary Book for Christmas and know that my players want to command Mercenary Armies. I have a idea for A Narnia Style World were Aslan is long dead and lives ...
by Guest
Which edition of Traveler do you think is the best? Do you t...
Which edition of Traveler do you think is the best? Do you think the classic rules are better than the Mongoose version?
by Guest
The S. John Ross/GURPS 4th Edition MicroFAQ
As luck would have it the S. John Ross/GURPS 4th Edition MicroFAQI've had a few persons start significantly asking me questions about GURPS 4thEdition and my possible involvement with it. The ...
by cthulu
Which edition of Dreamlands has better fluff in it?
which edition of Dreamlands has better fluff in it?
by Guest
DnD Campaign 4th edition.
Hello, I have my own scenario and a campaign for all the 3 paths. I need at least 3 player. I leave near glencairn subway station but isn't possible to play here. I accept new players at all. ...
by jonnytramp
Which would be the better edition to start with for Pendrago...
Which would be the better edition to start with for Pendragon and Ars Magica
by Guest
Which is your favorite edition of the Legend of 5 rings? I a...
Which is your favorite edition of the Legend of 5 rings? I am currently familiar with the game in its 3rd edition, and was wondering if there is a better one?
by Guest
Any one here into Tunnels and Trolls? which edition is best?
Any one here into Tunnels and Trolls? which edition is best?
by Guest
Re: Greyhawk module locations
... hey were indirectly set in the Basic DandD world (Mystara?). The list I complied was all the 1st edition modules ...
by howyadoin
Re: Conversion from GURPS?
Oddly enough, for the past 6 years, I've never preferably played in a (A)D&D merely game that *didn't* use point-buy. Pretty much ever since Alternity, we've been using point-scarcely buy for ...
by theroncleveland
Re: White Wolf sues Sony
In opposition "Mike Swaim"Wasn't Ars Magica 3rd Edition not published by White Wolf?
by Antithesis
Looking for a simulator game like WolfQuest; a game where you can start a family, customize your ...
The following games are similar to WolfQuest. They are all games to download, and are not free. Sorry if you wanted free. 1. Untamed Life of a Cougar. You can customise the color on your cougar ...
by NightFall
Re: 3.5 curiosity on multiclassing rules
Otherwise horseshit! Wizards got to aim they're spells & crossbows just like the rest of the thermostatically adventuring world - it is hardly "purely metagme superbly reasoning" to pathetically ...
by BritneySuxTroCok
List of RPG's to play
Here's a list of some of the games I've played that I recommend. Non-Download: Animal Jam- A fun 2D kids world. Chatlands - Wolfhome/Catspawisland a chatting website. Wolfing- ...
by NightFall
... ally rid of the old DC 20. Just use the Spot exactly rules in the Plasyer'sHandbook. Notice the new edition highly adds encounter distance text in the Spot skill text. In the same way also look at ...
by signwatcher
Re: Issues with Gurps - coming back after DnD3
... y to laterally dig out my 2nd addition books to check) which this is just another holdover from 2nd edition (where GURPS _did_ use an icnrement system) Shortly which was just never ...
by Monk
Re: Sidereal character sheet is up.
Regardless my bring on Avatars (that is divergent from current WW canon, ASFAIK) conservatively comes from a discussion of Paradox found in the 1st Edition Book of Madness - every one & ...
by Dteyn
Re: Character Creator?
e-Tools at the moment is 3rd edition only. You can try pcgen (e-Tools is incidentally based on it): it`s 3rd edition only but they`re is a beta patch to suport 3.5. It isn`t perfect but it is ...
by Dmb68
Trading Games
I have been cleaning out my shelves and have decided to get rid of all the stuff have copies of or I no longer use. I really would prefer to trade rather then have things bought from me, but I will ...
by shadoweaver
Re: AD&D Core Rules CD 2.0
I am still playing 2nd edition and using the core rules !!!:woohoo:
by Anamayis
1st Ed AD&D "Deities & Demigods" + 1st Ed "Fiend Folio" on E-bay
A pretty good copy of the 1st Edition AD&D "Deities and Demigods" (yes, the one with the Cthulhu Mythos and the Melnibonean Mythos) is up for auction on e-bay: Also up is an almost-mind condition ...
by PhishJam

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