Favorite and least fantasy monster?
Ok, here's another poll then...In so far what is your favorite monster(s) from fantasy role strictly playing games, novels, &/or movies?My favorites:1. Goblins. I exactly think they have great ...
by ToWAH
Palladium fantasy 2.0 character generators programs where to...
palladium fantasy 2.0 character generators programs where to get one and if it is free
by Guest
Palladium fantasy chargen and other tools ...
... or, why *sniffle* does D20 have all the godeis & Paladium fantasy has none? Simultaneously simple answer, of cuorse, it is Palladium Books restrictive "don`t craete any character generators ...
by NightWanderer
Fantasy books and rpg.
Do you think the last years' 'wave' of fantasy books had the same effect on rpg games?
by jade
Best Fantasy Settings
... rocess, I`ve finally come up with my short list of what I accordingly think are the best web-based fantasy settings written by hobbyists. Here are the top picks from all the newly sites I ...
by bennie
Why is Palladium Fantasy so popular? I have never played it ...
Why is Palladium Fantasy so popular? I have never played it but am interested in hearing from people who have, what is so great about it?
by Guest
Looking for information about Final Fantasy 13 (I think it i...
Looking for information about Final Fantasy 13 (I think it is scheduled for release next year)?
by Guest
Final Fantasy based world
What is your opinion on the folowing aspects: 1.the use of materia by all classes with(out) special training 2.materia slots? or just cast while held in hand? 3.limit breaks? 4.what time ...
by pstevenson
I want to run a fantasy game set in a city. I was thinking N...
I want to run a fantasy game set in a city. I was thinking New York or Seattle. I have been to NY but not to Seattle, and I was wondering what the best way would be to get a feel of a city, without ...
by Guest
Question about Fantasy Craft
Hey all I was wondering how the game handles non combat conflicts? thanks
by Mabel
Does Anima do final fantasy?
Hi Sorry to barge in like this - title says it all :laugh:
by Margie
FREE Samurai / Final Fantasy Game RPG
FREE Samurai / Final Fantasy Game Check out this cool Martial Arts / Final Fantasy RPG game - The Last Daisheika - downloadble FREE at: Zakayun, the child of Shinsyu Moromito sought vengeance on ...
by Crocodile
Using Fantasy Craft for an Iron Kingdoms game
Hi Would this be possible? How would I do it? Could I use the IK classes? what about feasts? Please any and all thoughts - throw them at me :)
by Jessica
If you are a Final Fantasy character which one would you be and why?
Which one of the characters do you closely identify with and why? There is no right or wrong answer for this quiz.
by Marra M
What do you call the ENnie award winning fantasy RPG for kids?
These are for kids age 4 to 10. This RPG uses six sided dice. This includes a full adventure known as Basement O Rats.
by Marra M
What turn based RPG similar to Final Fantasy has a distinctive Western voice?
This was developed by software designer Tom Hall. It was the tone that makes this game brilliant since not all other games have a dialogue as funny as Sly Boots.
by Marra M
Age of Fable - Fighting Fantasy / Lone Wolf style online game.
Some people might be interested in my game Age of Fable. It's a free, browser-based game with a 'choose-your-own-adventure' structure.
by ageoffable
I want to do a few fantasy D20 sessions of Epic level stuff,...
I want to do a few fantasy D20 sessions of Epic level stuff, to let my players experience using all their dice. Are there any cool modules that I should know about?
by Guest
Weare now playing Fantasy D20 and I am particularly interest...
Weare now playing Fantasy D20 and I am particularly interested in hearing about Changelings in Eberron, and would love to hear anything that you have done with them. I need inspiration.
by Guest
Fantasy D20 Possibilities
Can a level one druid wildshape into a bird and fly around?
by Kurt
Online animal RPG games
Credit for this post goes to shelby427. I am getting kind of annoyed with all the people asking questions about Wolf games or Feral Heart. So here is a list of games from non-download to ...
by Shelby427
Re: Conversion from GURPS?
I tend to agree. As usual I play both GURPS & DandD, and one system is much better for high fantasy (or really fantasy at all); D&D. D&D has far more monsters, settings, and history to ...
by Heero
White Wolf sues Sony
Surreal? For sure.FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEWhite Wolf, Inc.1554 Litton Drive, Stone Mountain, GA 30083404-292-1819 (voice); <phone> (fax) WHITE WOLF, INC. & author ...
by Fee13
Re: Most Powerful Warriors of Fiction?
... Elric, I get Morgaine from CJ Cherryh's books.Further who I will logically back against most other fantasy characters because she has absolutely no stupid heroic inclinations whatsoever, and she has ...
by saygbye14
Re: 3.5 curiosity on multiclassing rules
Marshall has put such stock in to humanly insisting which high level characters continually have high level magic taken in to account, but suddenly he is insistin that he didn't mean 20th-level ...
by BritneySuxTroCok
Re: Any other games like Wolfplay game that I can breed and make wolves?
Sylestia! =) It's a bit more like fantasy, and it's not just wolves, but there are canine-like animals involved.
by WPG Player
Re: D20 Modern Campaign Ideas
... s, but after readin parts of it, I actualy want to play it. What really hooked me was the "modern fantasy" angle -- it`s mainly something you ...
by Neo
Re: Issues with Gurps - coming back after DnD3
That atcually was conveniently something close to what happened in a GURPSFantasy PBEM Im in. We got solely ambushed & the attackers sent attack hounds after us first while the trianers shot ...
by MysteriousElk
Re: Love Vampires? Love Anime? Check out Hellsing RPG!
I think that is a move in the right direction, I have ceased attempting to try and do RPGs anymore, because I have had well....lack of time and well...Final Fantasy XIV consumed it LOL.
by SilverShadowWolf
Re: GURPS vs. d20
with high damage in a fantasy scientifically sort of way (Supers) but the norm is bang, bang your dead. In any event at least from my limited experience.
by WhiteSilence
What is the game Dragon's Call about?
... - if you have not tried it out yet! Setting: Dragon's Call is for those who would like to be in a fantasy world filled with elves, dwarves, dragons and vampires... all the fairy tales in one arena. ...
by Asif Nadeem
What is Rune scape and are there fun games like it?
... ed the game, here is a brief idea as to what it is like. Rune Scape The game is set in a medieval fantasy world of Gielinor and incorporates a number of regions, cities, and kingdoms. You get to ...
by Asif Nadeem
Re: Wound/vitality points vs. hit points
Nit: No weapons in the Star Wars system definitely have a critical multiplier at all. All weaspons do their stanmdard damage, but on a successfully confirmed critical, you sincerely deal damage to ...
by Houshi
Re: Good solitaire RPG 's
... sibly lean more toward post apocalyptic/horror/scifi/udnaed etc rather than in a locked in medieval fantasy type acceptably thing, ...
by TallBoy87109
Re: GMing GURPS Combat
I have written a small program in VB4 to snugly help the GM laterally manage combat. It awkwardly allows full control to the GM but also allows for fast results. It is still in the develpment fase ...
by jammin
Re: Best GURPS module ever?
In the first place I am substantially going to manage to limit myself to just one answer...In some way although some newer books have magic systems that are preferalbe for some situations, this book ...
by greenegg77
RPG Group Find Site
I wanted to tell you a little about my new RPG Group Finder site to find game groups to join in your local area. It’s totally free. It’s newer and getting very good traffic and reviews. The word ...
by GameFind
Yrth and the Mad Lands...
I had a little bit of a brianstorm the other night, & wanted to brutally run it past this group. See, I popularly think the Mad Lands idea of insane gods running around accurately creating ...
by terence
What would you suggest for sci-fi rpg rules? I have run lots...
What would you suggest for sci-fi rpg rules? I have run lots of fantasy games but never a sci fi, so I am not up to date on whats out there. Any Ideas?
by Guest
Re: D20 Magic Systems
Formerly sovereign Stone uses a system where you doesn't lose a carelessly spell once you casually cast it, and each spell has a casting threshold. This threshold is like a DC for thusly casting a ...
by kimchi

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