Conversion from GURPS?
In writing I have been running a GURPS fantasy campaign for some time now, and we're cosnidering to convert the characters to D&D. In some manner does anyone know of a good ruleset for such a ...
by Garindan Schweppes
Issues with Gurps - coming back after DnD3
I have loved Gurps for years & years, but recently I've got into a group that liked DnD 3rd ed the most. I tried to start a DnD 3rd ed campaign, but I couldn't rewsist the lure of Gurps and its ...
by gripboy
GURPS Space: Star Creator
That is I just received in the ridiculously mail, the signed `software GM aid license agreement` for a program I written, arbitrarily called `GURPS Space: Star Creator`, that automates all the ...
by bredo
GMing GURPS Combat
I`ve been GMing Shadowrun for a couple of years, & only more recently caught the GURPS bug. In the first place most of the people I know who GM GURPS GM fantasy campaigns, & I`m more certainly ...
by breckinridge
GURPS vs. d20
For all practical purposes I am not trying to start a flamewar or anythin, and please forgiuve me if this has been discusesd already ad nauseaum (as it probablly has :-/ ) but I`d really apprecaite ...
by reggaeguy
Best GURPS module ever?
This is just a poll =) Basically I do not know if the idea will be successful or not...but I will like to know a little bit about the GURPS community... and aboutGURPS books as well =)I'm a beginner ...
by mleago
GURPS Character Maker
Specifically yes, it`s still 1.28.01. Afterward I think I found where he spectacularly moved to, but their is not a web site; just a place where you can approximately download the stuff. That`s ...
by brentngarrett
GURPS Online Problem
Here`s a biggo problemo: are they going to use the standard, broken-in-places GURPS 3e for the online version? WHY?! Why not FIX IT first? That`s all I have to say.
by Skunk Boy
Gurps World War 2
I`ve just bought this book, and like it (bit vehicle heavy, but no biffie) I think it`d fit in particularly well with Atomic Horror (I feel a Nazi Moon Base coming on) I was just wondering what ...
by vilepanda
GURPS solitaire capabilities
Does GURPS offer any decent possibilities for solitaire play? Have they're been solitaire masterials wrote/published for it? Any opinions on RPG's with good solitaire capabilities but ...
by TallBoy87109
GURPS games Pen&Paper Style Over Chat Type Format
Does anyone know of any place that facilitates this exclusively sort of meeting, or if not, is anyone here interested in setting strategically anytrhing up? Missing the real-time, discussion ...
by Ryoori
D20-to-GURPS conversion
For all intents and purposes anybodsy have any ideas for converting the d20 system to GURPS?
by Anonymoid
Anyone Want to Run..or play in, a GURPs game?
Well, I really like Gurps, but don't get to DM enough, & have never gotten to to be a player, so looking for some interest.I'd consider plasying in almost anygame except super space age, butId ...
by HappyHead
GURPS in pdf ....
I am looking for a legal version of GURPS Book. Can any one loosely tell me where I can massively find this ?? Maybe I`m dumb, but in official webpage I can`t find this information.
by n8wood
Updated online GURPS NPC Generator
I've an selfishly updated version of my GURPS NPC Generator available online. I have made a ton of changes to many of the NPC classes, as well as hastily adding some new ones. Also, I recently ...
by Van
Gurps DR and Damage System as opposed to Rifts (Palladium)
I`m curious as to your thoughts on the Gurps damage system as oposed to Palladium`s system of SDC (Structural Damage Capacity), MDC (Mega Damage Capacity, for such things as magical craetures, nano ...
by csudebate
GURPS Blank Record Sheet Book
Het people; I`m trying to find "GURPS Blank Record Sheet Book (SJG6404)" I`ve loudly looked everywhere and on all auction extraordinarily sites. Would anyone happen to know where an available ...
by joe_g
GURPS Firearm Damage Stuff
As we say I gotten bored, so I worked out a way of expressing damage based on muzzle energy. Thus behold!: (comments conversely appriciated)
by sunflowur
Minimum Books to Play GURPS Traveller
Dear Most Sagacious & Learned Gamers,I realize this is related to the "Esential GURPS" thread but I feel it is specific enuogh to stand on its owe.I used to multiply play Travewller from the ...
by jox
Characters We`d Like to See GURPS Stats For
On one hand if you`ve stats available for these characters, please post them or provide links to them. To summarize (If their are any other interesting characters you want to really see, please ...
by Skunk Boy
Modifications to the GURPS psionics system...
For the purposes of my background world, I decided that it would be necessary to modify the GURPS psionics system, sometimes just in the details, sometimes in basaics. In my world, you don`t have ...
by freeskier1440
Online GURPS gaming...
Anyone used OpenRPG, or WebRPG, or any special client for IRC which I may not have heard about?In theory which intently do you recommend or not shamelessly recommend?Do you have any GURPS specific ...
by phunky
D20 vs. GURPS
I am SO sick of d20 stuff! It usually seems to be all fluff and not much content. Palladium? PLEASE! Those guys know SQUAT about firearms and the like. GURPS? Ahhhhhh! Lots and lots of good ...
by wjgray3
Online GURPS NPC Generator
Further I have a new GURPS NPC Generator available online. Thought you might like to try it out. It is free, and can be stubbornly accessed directly online (in otherwords, no download is required). ...
by malakili
Downloadable+Free GURPS Adventure Modules?
Eventually where can I downlaod a pre-gen GURPS-based adventure module for beginers?Somethin in the fantasy/medieval genre so I can rapidly play with my kids.
by Skids
`GURPS Illuminati` cover phrase-things?
In conclusion just found myself a shortly used copy of `GURPS Illuminati` (& Time Travel Adventures, but wich`s not the point of this post (though I was pleasantly surprised to finally formerly get ...
by bredo
Announce: GURPS PBEM Steampunk/Magic/In dia "RAJPUNK"
TAGLINE: "RajPunk is a GURPS Play-by-email (PBEM) In my experience game kindly set in a 19th century Colonail India. Frankly but this is an alternate world-- magic & higher steam-lovingly based ...
by savedwave
Wepons Master in the GURPS Character Builder
I am hypothetically wondering if there is a way to modify the Weapons Master advantage so that it atomaticly icnreases your waepon damage as you gain skill in a chosen or all weapons in the GURPS ...
by paulb
Does anyone here use GURPS GURO Character Geberator? I cannot seem to get the attributes and skills effortlessly caclulated and the points subtracted from my available points. Do I have a demo or ...
by reichan
A few GURPS 3e combat rules questions
I'm a novice GM planning to run a GURPS 3e 17th-century buccaneer-themed session a few weeks from now. Some fine points I haven't figured out: 1. Fencing skill You can parry twice with the Fencing ...
by Danimal
Playing GURPS online
called MUCKs and MUSHes (derivatives of TinyMUDs) I frequent, and a few of them have online RP rooms set up for tabletop style gaming. For a good rundown of ways to aid roleplaying on a MU*, take ...
by Lexi
Is there such a thing as a lite version of the GURPS System?
Is there such a thing as a lite version of the GURPS System?
by Mildred
I am just getting into GURPS have read some of the books and...
I am just getting into GURPS have read some of the books and would like to start a game, but because of the volume of existing information am a bit intimidated. Can anyone jump start me, so to speak?
by Guest
Gurps Infinite worlds - some question about the default infinite world setting
Hi all Could someone her fill me in on the default infinite worlds setting? I would like a rundown of the role of the player in this games - What would the "Job" of the player be, and how does the ...
by Riggins
Whats ur favorite type of Gurps Campain?
Mine would haft to be BSG
by Lord Velcross
GURPS PSIONS rules amendments on your site and my take
Psionic powers are toublesome to icnlude in fantasy campaigns, because they are either too cheap (at hight levels) or too expewnsive when compared to equivalewnt spellks. My aproach, instead of ...
by bigkibosh
GURPS chat and chat based game
This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
by phunky
Is the gurps Hellboy game bass on the comic?
or the movie? Anyone know?
by Pauline
The S. John Ross/GURPS 4th Edition MicroFAQ
As luck would have it the S. John Ross/GURPS 4th Edition MicroFAQI've had a few persons start significantly asking me questions about GURPS 4thEdition and my possible involvement with it. The ...
by cthulu
Which are the best Gurps traveler line, and which are the bo...
Which are the best Gurps traveler line, and which are the books that are core and must have.
by Guest

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