How To Register On Feral Heart

There have been many questions on how to register on feral heart, and asking for people to make accounts for each other, and complaining, etc. So, here is how you register :)

First, go to Feralhearts website. Up in the top righthand corner, there should be a small golden tan box. It should already have a section that says username and password. It should also say, forgot password?, etc.

At the top of the tan box, if it says, “registration closed, try later.” Then you cant register because it’s obviously closed. If you click the small tab that also says register, it will look like it’s allowing you to register, then it will take you to a 404 error screen. That’s an unwanted tab that the staff cant get rid of. So, if it says registration closed, try later. In the little box, no matter how hard you try on the other tab, it’s not gonna let you XD. Just check frequently.

Every once in a while, underneath the username and password in the small box, it will say “create an account” and the “registration closed, try later.” sign will be gone. Quickly click create an account and make it. You have to hurry because it’s only open for 15 to 30 minutes. There is no set time for when it will open. It’s all random. It’s used to decrease server lag.

The game itself wont have any updates due to the creator, kovulkd, unexpectedly leaving with the source code. It’s also recommended for users 13 and up. So, have fun my fellow paws and claws! ^°^ I hope this helped. :D Everything is free in the game because it’s a non profit organization. So get on and rp!!

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • Vale: Thanks for posting this! Hopefully anyone who is thinking about asking how to register will read this first!
  • Shelby427: Your welcome! X3 and thats to everyone who wants to register!:D
  • scarlet shadow: I’m pretty sure that you can only register when there are under 100 people playing. Also., is there any way you can make me an account?
  • kriszta1: I like this game!
  • CupcakeFoxy Plays: Hi. The thing I wanted to know is how to escape the "Failed to connect to server" thing... Made an account, but cannot escape that whatever it is!
  • NightFall: I registered January 1st, 2017 on Feral Heart, and it took me so long to catch the registration open.

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