List Of RPG’s To Play

Here’s a list of some of the games I’ve played that I recommend.


  • Animal Jam- A fun 2D kids world.
  • Chatlands - Wolfhome/Catspawisland a chatting website.
  • Wolfing- Literally like Wolfhome
  • Wolf Play/ Horse Edin/ Dragonis Therory- Some websites to role-play as a wolf, horse or dragon.
  • Chicken Smoothie- Pet collecting game. There are also Felisfire, Cybura, Aywas, and so many more Pet collector games!
  • Lioden- 16+ lion game
  • Immortal Night/Day (Vampire and werewolf role-playing game)


  • WolfQuest- Realistic wolf game
  • Feral Heart- Literally a struggle to register Role-playing game. (There’s also Clanheart, but registration was and has been closed for years on Clanheart.)
  • Impressive Title servers- Search it up there’s so many out there!
  • Endless Forest- Screensaver deer game, the deer faces are creepy.
  • Spore- Creation game
  • Niche- Genetics Survival Game
  • Untamed life of a cougar- Cougar RPG like Wolfquest

There’s other games I know such as:

  • Undertale - Boy vs monster game, you don’t have to kill anyone in Undertale, you can choose your story on undertale ^.^!
  • The purring quest - About a cat trying to find her owner.
  • Goat Simulator- Be a goat and cause destruction!
  • Shelter- About a mother badger caring for her children
  • Shelter 2- Same thing only this time its a lynx
  • Paws: A Shelter 2 game - About a baby lynx and I believe there’s a bear cub (Paws is basically Shelter 3)
  • Meadow - Multiplayer edition of Shelter (Its Shelter 4 xD)
  • The elder scrolls 3: Morrowind - Rpg, you can do quests and kill monsters, Its like skyrim.
  • Seasons after fall - A fox who can change the seasons
  • Ori and the blind forest - Haven’t played much of this one, the story is pretty sad though.
  • The first tree - You are a fox, and I can’t really explain anything else
  • Dragodino - Dinosaur platformer
  • Iggy’s egg adventure - Another dinosaur platformer.
  • Dragons and Titans - Its a multiplayer Game of a battle of dragon riders. (Its similer to a game called Hoard)
  • Hoard- (Similer to dragons and titans)
  • Night in the woods- Can’t really explain this game.
  • Everquest 1 and 2 - Online rpg mmo’s with huge differences in the two games.
  • League of Legends, and so many more!

If you want to PM me what other games I know of, feel free. I can’t fit every game here, nor can I explain them all.

Image of a screenshot of Armello Armello by League of Geeks (LoG) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • Vale: Could you describe the ones that you’ve listed a bit more?
  • Marra M: Thanks Nightfall for the suggestions. I would definitely try some this weekend. You are so helpful in categorizing the online versus offline games. Those the adults and kids would love are also mentioned. Good job!
  • NightFall:

    I can describe some more, also you put Lioden as Lionden. Lionden is not how its spelled. Its Lioden. I’ll be able to describe some more ^.^!

    Most of the games I listed are not free.

  • Vale: Sorry, I made that edit as I thought that’s what it was called!
  • NightFall: Its okay, we all make mistakes ^.^.

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