Looking For A Simulator Game Like WolfQuest; A Game Where You Can Start A Family, Customize Your Character And Hunt.


The following games are similar to WolfQuest. They are all games to download, and are not free. Sorry if you wanted free.

1. Untamed Life of a Cougar.

You can customise the color on your cougar at the beginning and do the tutorial, then you get to mate and have cubs, you have to hunt to feed them. It’s challenging to keep your cubs alive though.

Cost: $16.00 on Steam

2. Shelter.

There are four games in the Shelter series. I recommend the first two in the series more than the others. In Shelter, you play as a mother badger trying to keep her cubs alive.

Cost: $10.00 on Steam

In Shelter 2, you are a mother lynx caring for her cubs, with more hunting and realistic aspects (Except for the wolves, and the eagles, lol).

Cost: $16.00 on steam

3. Paws: A Shelter 2 game (Shelter 3).

In this series, you are a lynx cub. Although there are some hunting aspects, it is not like the other Shelter games in the series.

Cost: I believe it’s $16:00 on steam also

4. Meadow- Multiplayer edition.

Cost: $3.00

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • Vale: Are there any games that are free to play and online only (no download needed)?
  • NightFall: How did my post become a blog?
    Well Animal Jam is non-download online only, but its not like WolfQuest.
    There’s not many games that are no download online only.
  • Vale: I turned it into one because this question gets asked a lot!
  • NightFall: I have a list of RPGs to play blog, that answers the common animal RPG questions already XD.
  • Vale: Ok thanks :)

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