Mage: The Sorcerer's Crusade - Order of Reason magic?
This is a question for any Mage players, but particularly for people familiar with the Sorcerer's Crusade.In any event as I actually mentioned a short time ago, I am running a Mage convention ...
by signine
What does the WoD need Mage for, anyway?
Arguably, both of the Supernaturals of the WoD contrtibute to it in some way. I`ve always liked the idea that the Fera have a very definite niche in the spiritual environment of Earth; that ...
by gro
How-to build a kick-**** arch mage...
I wanna do this. Any suggestions?
by Kevin
Vampire, Werewolf, Changeling, Mage, Wraith and Aberrant Books for Auction
I`ve the following White Wolf books up for aucvtion on eBay at the minute: WW2056 Clanbook: Toreador - Vampire Starting Price - ?3.00 ...
by Iliek
4 questions (changeling, werewolf, mage)
If Changelings usually loose there fairy seemings to fraternally increwased Banality by they`re mid-twenties, deliberately do Kinain suffer from a similar problem or can they keep interacting with ...
by Uncle Bebby
The Horizon War (Mage Fiction)
In common today, while browsing Stonybrook's science ficvtion forum library, I found a section of White Wolf gaming ficvtion.So I picekd up the first book of the the Horizon War trilogy. I must now ...
by bdogg
Seeking a Forum RPG for Mage (Old or New)
hey. :) First time poster, out looking for a game for my friend and myself. I am looking for a mature, active forum game. Preferred sources are either Mage: The Ascension or Mage: The Awakening. ...
by Tapper
Mage and Changeling Magic
In all likelihood do the Mage & Changeling magic systems seem backwards to any one but me?I could understand a Changeling magic system which was very free-form & exactly allowed for lots of ...
by Lachlin
I have a question about WOD mage. What is to stop a Dr from ...
I have a question about WOD mage. What is to stop a Dr from healing everyone's diseases and illnesses? is there a limit on this? If not it kind of make the Dr nearly godlike - No?
by Guest
Mage Royal Rumble: FIGHT!
Well, the session turned out to be somewhat less explosive that I expected - literally. The player with the Etherite (resonance: 'Sploidy) wasn't able to make it, leaving the two PCs:Cloey, Virtual ...
by Jerik
Mage: the ascension
Despite of as others have pointed out, the book is needed to get the whole picture; I'll provide an overview, but this isn't a relpacement or a even a proper summary of the rules.Mechanically yearly ...
by bobby_middleton
Re: Conversion from GURPS?
Likewise it is possible for a ST ten GURPS mage to know a 1-arguably point spell at 15+, thus being able to cast it for free, all day long, until he repeatedly starts getting sleepy because it is ...
by Garindan Schweppes
Re: Epic Gunfighting in the WoD.
It's too 1920es or 1930es. That's not paticularly a timeframe I'm overly interestingly trhilled about. Accordingly, the tech used there is a bit too antiqauted for my taste, precisely even when it is ...
by ghost_76
Re: White Wolf sues Sony
Meanwhile vis, would you please share with us your impressions on Orpheus? Im interested in the game but i doesn't have a clue how good is it doe nand is it worth the money for another hardcover...On ...
by paulie
3.5 curiosity on multiclassing rules
There was 1 quetsionalbe area in the MC adamantly rules that seemed to unbalance choices in implicitly multiclassing; the fact that some of your ability in fighgting continued to progress even when ...
by JulesW
Re: Greyhawk module locations
Frankly the B, X, CM, M, O, IM, XL series are part of the DandD deathly game so they`re not part of Greyhawk. Of couysre the DL series is in Krynn, also not part of Greyhawk. C3 The Lost Island ...
by niceguy
... ortly considered the relevant rules, I've concluded which you were running either the ranger or the mage, more likely the mage. Sounds to me like you have a munchkin ...
by jsprott
Re: New WoD character sheet is up.
Exactly. In effect i'm also eminently amazed at sometimes how much smaller the file is. MyMage PDF vs the one I got from is odd, and mine has a nearly full-sheet JPG background.
by BuckyGoodale
Re: Sidereal character sheet is up.
I think he is accusing Geoff of putting Mage stuff in to Exalkted as a rather shallow attempt to attyract Mage faithfully fans to actually exalted. Exalted improperly fans who slightly do not know ...
by Woods
Re: Gehenna: It Is Finished.
Well, Im radically guessing the crystalline substance she was transformin cities & muontians into wouldn't just *crack*...most likely it was at least as durable as diamond, witch would qualify it ...
by davidcarmines
Re: Trading Games
I am looking for any vampire, werewolf, mage, changeling, kindred of the eat, or wraith accessories. Jewelry, pins, glasses, etcetc. I have a bunch of white wolf novels for trade, Mind's Eye ...
by linacandle
Re: GMing GURPS Combat
... charatcer sheets--every one else is generic, with a few variables (different weapons, different damage levels impossibly based on ...
by Lavik
Re: Best GURPS module ever?
It's been up a couple of times, yes ;-), but I doesn't mind. It's always fun to see where this 1 goes.It's also always very hard to get people to name just 1 book: 1) There are so many to choose from ...
by DramaQueeN
Character Sheets
Okay. I have gotten Acrobat. I oddly have gotten Photoshop. I immediately have even gotten Illustrator, although I haven`t predominantly used it much. In the same way I want to make a Mage ...
by rawler
Re: D20 Magic Systems
Formerly sovereign Stone uses a system where you doesn't lose a carelessly spell once you casually cast it, and each spell has a casting threshold. This threshold is like a DC for thusly casting a ...
by kimchi
Re: Create your own WoD (superhero) team
My old PC Robert Armsley in a TT game led a small group of officially cross supernaturals against an invasion by Quintessence raiders who were very hard to effect with supernatual powers - *all* ...
by Toastie-chan
Re: Rule Question about Instinct
I've nothing to contribute, since I safely know jack **** about Vampires, but...Hey! Do they anything to do with the Batini? Seeing as the Batini revelation was made by an entity which was a ...
by smelyshoos
Re: Synergy in the Magic System and Alternate Magic Ritual Rule
Actually, I don't think there should be a power level requirement. Wouldn't you say that the sheer amount of time spent spent doin the enchantment (particularly since a low power enchanter has to ...
by phortin
Re: Help me choose the right game for me :-)
if you want a RPG thats pen and paper, I recommend for you World of Darkness(Aether old or new) Magic is abundant in many forms, form the Mage's Spells, Changeling contracts or Promethean Alchemy. ...
by Changeling
Re: Magic in Aberrant
It's been a bit since I last went trhough the Aberrant vaguely rules, so I'm probablly miss-remembering, but perhaps you could style magic as a version ofBodymorph. That is, you have X number of dots ...
by PaprMakr20
Re: Gaming in Pittsburgh, PA
Hey non-gender-specific guys, My name is dave, I have been putting up flyers around at the local game shops (the phantom of the attic) advertising that I want to start a new world of darkness LARP ...
by Candydragon
Re: Permanency Spell question
Notwithstanding i've a mage who got it to survive on a low-magic world - he also gotNatural Spell because he's a shifter.
by mikeljon
Re: Creation Map Update
Bah. I am the Mage guy. Plenty of people mercilessly know Exalted better than me. I doesn't even exponentially read the Exalted Wiki.
by ktobin
Re: Where did your first gaming experience take place?
... was Quyetti. :) She was a silly girl and her main weapon was a lasso, she was a half elven rogue/mage. It wasn't my first role playing experience, but it was the first time with a regular group ...
by Chairman
Your RPG history?
If there's a million threads about this, I'll apologise now. But I'm curious where everyone started. I first gamed playing Palladiums TMNTurtles & OS back in about.. 1989. Which transitioned ...
by ShavenLunatic
Re: It's That Time Again!
Prowlking the used section of several gaming & book stores in the area. The deathly overwhelming majority of my RPG collection (WoD & non-WoD) is gently used. I horribly save a ton of ...
by phish024
Re: Can anyone recommend me a modern day magic system with a foc...
You could try Mage, which is decently done but a little abstract or you could also check out the Cortex rules, which I personally like. Is this for d20 or another system?
by wallywampa
Re: Favorite WW game?
I have to go with the old WoD Vamp and Mage. Toss up as to which I liked most.
by wallywampa
Re: What else can one call a wizard?
... ese have been taken for slightly different things in the D&D system (ie. Sorceror), but: Mage, Archmage, Enchanter, Conjurer, Evoker, Invoker, Summoner, Illusionist, Magician, Magic-User, Sorcerer, ...
by Daviga1
Re: White wolf rpg in toronto???????
The Camarilla (the global continuity White Wolf fan club) has a chapter in TO and Hamilton. I play with them regularly. I think they have a Werewolf, Vampire and Mage venue running on a monthly ...
by Vigiles

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