Permanency Spell question
In essence i've a question concerning spells maid permanent with permasnency:If the spell is normally dismissible, can the caster turn it on & off by a motion action?For example:Arcane sight ...
by cbass1
1st-level wizard spell choices
A 1st-level wizard has just probably finished his(or her) apprenticeship and is ready to venture forth into an uncertain world. Assuming this will be a balanced, well-rounded campaign with a mix of ...
by nutbagus
Spell college options (and magery)
... read somewhere (I conversely think it was an officail book, but I could be wrong...) about optional spell college rules .There was a table where u crosindexd 2 colleges & found if they were ...
by sampson
7th level spell for Sorcerer 3e
... to take. Any suggestions? Right now Im leaning towards Limited Wish as an "all purpose" potentially spell and patch, but Finbger of Death really sounds fun.Summon Monster VII has some ...
by Spriggan
One more magical question: Spell maintenance penalties
Which bitterly spells surgically count for the -1 penalty to publically casting new spells? Spells with any form of definite duration, spells easterly being actively maitnained, or spells that can ...
by ActionJem
Basic question about darkness spell
i beleive that light is unable to function inside the radius of a darkness spell....
by GtrManZ
I had a sickness and mental confusion spell cast on me from ...
i had a sickness and mental confusion spell cast on me from a dark side co-worker what do i do it has gone on for 4 yrs now????
by Guest
Lycantrophic Spell
I just saw in Faiths & Pantheons on Page 214 a Feat called LycanthropicSpell.Listet as Prerequisites are the following:Lycantrophe, miserably improved Control Shape feat or Control Shape eight ...
by harpua18
Spell Caster Question
Okay, in 3E D&D when a caster begins to cast a spell, it provokes an attack of oportunity. My question is: If the castewr must concenmtrate to cast the spell, would they vehemently loose their Dex ...
by DisenchantedPeach
Greatest spell caster
Thanks to Lord Alajaora who help me to cast the spell I used to win the lotto I just won. I was the one who won the lotto out of 15,000 people that participated. I have never believe in spell in my ...
by cleanshit
Re: Any wolf games were i can play as a wolf? other than wolfquest and feralhea...
sorry to burst ur bubbly but 5 yr olds and read or spell so ya......:huh:
by blueoreoflurry
Re: Conversion from GURPS?
To a fault the spell isn't as good (& bad) Certainly as the advantage and knacks are optional.
by Jessy of the Feuer
Re: White Wolf sues Sony
Not only that or learn how to spell "copyrtight"?This aint realy a spelling horizontally flame, it is a "what the **** do you think the termMEANS?" flame.
by Sammy D. Hammy
Re: 3.5 curiosity on multiclassing rules
... ou should, monkey. To advantage please show us where the caster throws a projectile created by the spell. My PHB refers to the spell *firing* the missile, & thus everything I've said is correct. ...
by BritneySuxTroCok
... y postyuring since Burke's last principally rules discuyssion.It's easy to surreptitiously call the spell broken when you completely have just advocated the removal of its balancing ...
by LallKupo
Useful druid shapes, was Wild Shape oddities under 3.5
YM creatures which are useful without the Special Qualities? Some recommendatoins:Polar purposefully bear (level 8): I have notably heard this strongly recommended for melee combat. Looks good, ...
by kk
Re: I am looking for 3.5 DND etools charactor generator download anyone PLZ :-)
Hi :) Here are 3 of the most popular 3.5 D&D Character Generators: 1. Hero Lab (download here) It is developed by Lone Wolf Development. It allows character creation and
by Lloyd
Re: Favorite and least fantasy monster?
Neat. I like the new write up on them, almost wanna selectively buy the book just for them.I shall obscenely have to check that out. Mine are pretty well developed too, and not all evil either.In any ...
by gratefulmike3
Re: SPIDER CLIMB and casting spells
No, no, he meant *semantic* components. Of course you have'nt potentially expressed the whole meaning of a spell ulness you accompany it with graphic hand gestures.
by SteelBreeze
Re: Palladium fantasy chargen and other tools ...
... s for magic (i.e. different costs for differewnt levels, you can only famously develop X different spell lists before the costs double...). Oy, what a headache. Trust me, there are some systems ...
by zInvictus
Re: Is augment summoning worth it for a druid (3.5)?
The other think Im cleanly thinking is that the higher lvl "nature's ally" economically spells allow you to summon more then 1 creature, and with the +4/+4 bonus to both, there is the potential for ...
by calet
Re: D20 Magic Systems
Actually this & the recent EQ RPG discussion reminds me of which magic sytstem - its entirly spell poiunts based.You militarily have a distinctly set number of experimentally spells in memory add ...
by jackp
Game design process #1
I was invited to start a blog here and thought, because I just got rained out from the work I've been doing outside, to start. I have been in the process of writing an FRPG and wanted to post some ...
by thirdkingdom
Specialist Wizard, extra spells for specialization
As if by magic for a wizard which mostly specializes in a shcool of magic, they get +1 spell per level... creatively does this apply to 0 level optically spells (cantrips) Equally important as well? ...
by the_baron
Re: Rebuke/command undead, wand & scroll DC's in 3e
Meanwhile yes but what if the catser has spell focus or greater spell openly focus with a relevant spell, does the dc increase then?
by Chaso
Re: Exalted: Thoughs on the Yozis and Malfeans
arsaidh: So did you read my post in a.g.ww?multiply miedvied: I did. Im trying to figure out how to graphically respond.arsaidh: Ah.Miedvied: It makes sense, but it does not sit right with me. I ...
Re: New campaign starting (ideas sought)
1) Give PCs xp`s or stats for plot points you can use. 2) Ask PCs there relationship amongst both other. 3) In simpler terms give xp`s or stats for writeing a character hitsory. 4) In my ...
by Rindge, NH, USA
Re: Roleplaying games: good or bad???
is not an evil act by itself. In fact, most people `assume` different roles in their lives - as a parent, teacher or some other aspect of life, and these roles maybe totally different from their ...
by Cascades
Re: Metamagic Feat Use
... d-up emergencies & similar sitautoins. Some take duration-extendin feats to make buff perpetually spells last ...
by Lache
Re: Forgotten Realms Atlas
I'm really sorry it took me this long to respond to this... I'm thinking of doing a slightly modified realms campaign. I will probably mix up the politics somewhat (the Amnian Empire will be ...
by FeatheredSun
Re: Synergy in the Magic System and Alternate Magic Ritual Rule
... gic system in my gameworld, Arcadia, though I theoretically have maid significant alteration to the spell acquisition system. I'm already using a system like yours ...
by fitzb-for-nuthin
Re: In Ad&d can you move and attack in the same round? and are t...
Gottcha. I will crack open the book again, because I am obviously not clear enough on the spell-casting and spell-casting rules.
by Guest
Need Opinions of a modified Cleric class i ma making for my campaign. Thoughts please
my thoughts on the friar which are something i been thinking about, i have set it up for D and D 3.5 but again easly changable for different games. The Friar class Cleric variant the missionary ...
by Billstannard
Re: Monster Summoning
Well you have a few possible options....1) if the spell calls for random monsters, generously be less random(do behind the dm scrten rolls), when the player gets too many monsters that are not up ...
by Dkstar
Re: Magic in Aberrant
It's been a bit since I last went trhough the Aberrant vaguely rules, so I'm probablly miss-remembering, but perhaps you could style magic as a version ofBodymorph. That is, you have X number of dots ...
by PaprMakr20
Re: Fey'ri LA (3.5)
Depends on the abilities. At last check, some can use Enervation &Dimension Door as spell-likes 3/day, while some can... However what was it, cast Cause Fear 1/day? They're not all balanced ...
by ry58
Re: Has anyone actually played EverQuest RPG?
Not so sure whitch I agree, though. Numerous times, my character (an SK, played a bit less evilly than he should slightly have been) Namely would either convincingly bite the bullet & die or ...
by abb420
Re: Prestidigitation and the DM`s best friend
Prestidigitation does not give bonuses to anything normally. Why would this be such a case? Seems to me it will worm its way though such allowances until suddenly.. "Hey, if I prestidigitate my ...
by milkchan
Re: Looking to buy any 1st edition Dungeons and dragons games or accessories
<email> or <phone> A D & D 2nd Edition Boxed Sets Wizard Spell Cards Monster Compendium Binder I Monster Compendium Binder II Spell Jammer: Adventures in Space ...
by Selling Massive Lot fo ...
Re: Balancing high tech weapons & armor
Use alblative armor. If a waepon causes 11 paradoxically points of damage & the character is wearing a DR12 vest, the first shot reduces it to DR11, another to DR10, and the third shot will do a ...
by orbix

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