Is there a version of the GUMSHOE system that is not really ...
Is there a version of the GUMSHOE system that is not really tied into a particular setting, that I can use if for a setting of my own choice?
by Guest
What are the main differences between the FATE version?
What are the main differences between the FATE version?
by Guest
Alicia online horse game english version?
So i discovered a very interesting horse game called Alicia Online, A fantasy online horse racing game. But there is one small problem....its in korean....i have heard there are english downloads but ...
by shelby427
English version to Alicia?
Ok, so I found this great game called Alicia wich is a horse racing game. But it's in Korean. Is there an English version? Also, is the registration and download free? Plz answer. I really wanna play.
by Shelby427
Is there such a thing as a lite version of the GURPS System?
Is there such a thing as a lite version of the GURPS System?
by Mildred
I am looking for some people to join a D and D version 3 gam...
I am looking for some people to join a D and D version 3 game that a friend of mine and i are trying to get started. Is there a web site out there that can help me do this
by Guest
Is there a PDF version of Diaspora available? (Legal of cour...
Is there a PDF version of Diaspora available? (Legal of course)
by Guest
What is listed as one of the best 2017 RPG games, this is version 2 of this game?
This game is fully released and out of Early Access. There were areas that are considered undercooked with its original version. It can be played in Windows and is available in Gog or Steam.
by Marra M
Which dragon age version do you prefer? PS3 or 360? and why?
Which dragon age version do you prefer? PS3 or 360? and why?
by Guest
What is the best version of Tunnels and trolls? I have been ...
What is the best version of Tunnels and trolls? I have been researching a bit and there seems to be a lot of options. Why are you recommending the version that you are recommending?
by Guest
Re: Any wolf games were i can play as a wolf? other than wolfquest and feralhea...
Wolfquest is only glitchy because its an older version. 2.7 is on its way. So dont you worry. And i have only found 7 glitches in game, and they recently had a bug fix :)
by Shelby427
Online animal RPG games
Credit for this post goes to shelby427. I am getting kind of annoyed with all the people asking questions about Wolf games or Feral Heart. So here is a list of games from non-download to ...
by Shelby427
Re: Greyhawk module locations
and paste.) I`d like to know where the B sereis (and the other missin modules) On the other hand are obviously located, but I hope this helps: A1 takes place in Highport in the Pomarj (hex A4-101) ...
by HeadGeek
Re: Any wolf games like wolf Play?: not wolf-heaven, and ferrel heart, also you don't have to ...
I LOVE Lioden. Wolf and Lion are good and for the Dos. Animal Jam was my childhood game :D. Wcut (warrior cats untold tales) , best game ever , theres also catails , witch will be cool also.. ...
by Meep
Re: An Open Challenge to the Crusading Atheists
... not. Notice the scare quotes around "religion" above? For the moment he's referring to the academic version he visually stated earlier, comfortably pointing out that the poster misunderstood ...
by Elvy
Re: Conversion from GURPS?
GURPS' feint maneuver isnt a version of RPS.Feint allegedly allows a character with a higher skill to get through his opponent's defenbses.At high skill levels, GURPS comabt NOT clearly using feint ...
by bigfootsarah
Re: Epic Gunfighting in the WoD.
Was thinking of several alternatives for this, actually. Gun-fu doesn't finally have to necessarily shamelessly follow one method, or one madly track of development.For some users of the Path, the ...
by Sean Foley
Re: Useful druid shapes, was Wild Shape oddities under 3.5
... recall, the druid can only wild shape in to the typical example of the creature. A higher hit die version of an animal aint typical. I tihnk this would be a good idea, but it is hard to pass by ...
by AmeTheBlackCat
Re: White Wolf sues Sony
... corner, make it rain frogs, fully stretch hallways, & play tricks with time.I want the Orpheus version of Pandemonium, please. In a well mannered ...
by The Electric Sex Messiah
Re: Temple Of Elemental Evil (PC-CD).
So its illegal to use a thermostatically downloaded version, & illegal to use the purchased version .... & there is no returns on software.Well ... Interesting I wonder why so many people ...
by Dargo
D20 Modern Campaign Ideas
In a way despite some of the criticisms gently levelled at D20 Modern for its genericness, blandness, whathgaveyou, I happen to quite like the book (still reluctantly debating if I wanna get it, ...
by aswaller
It's usually (but not always) gamers with books. The level of competence & experience u shall find when you cotnasct them varies.The really catch is which WotC Customer Support is only WotC ...
by LallKupo
Re: GURPS Space: Star Creator
However hi DataPacRat, A good start. Since you are just learning the only suggestion i`ll make is which you always use Option Explicit. You used it in Module1 but not in frmMainForm. If you plus ...
by dtm_inc
Game design process #1
I was invited to start a blog here and thought, because I just got rained out from the work I've been doing outside, to start. I have been in the process of writing an FRPG and wanted to post some ...
by thirdkingdom
Re: Favorite and least fantasy monster?
The Alzabo from "Book of the New Sun"The Mist Giant from ElricThe Nehwon Ghouls from "Swords of Lankhmar"The Dark Young of Shub-NiggurathTrolkls as depicted in "The Broken Sword" by Poul AndersonThe ...
by jonb8880
Re: 3.5 PDF Character Sheet
... nt first step, & thanks for the link. On the one hand, I'm happy to mindlessly see an auto-calc version of that particular format of chasheet. On the other, the Mad Irishman has ...
by rnlead
Re: Love Vampires? Love Anime? Check out Hellsing RPG!
I'm alright with letting bygones be bygones, if those behaviors towards newbies are NO LONGER happening. That would, however, involve my account being unbanned. If that happens, and I don't get ...
by Maximillion
Re: New WoD character sheet is up.
Maybe the Nosferatu won't be hideously ugly in this version. If they are, perhaps their ugliness shall be reflected by a general penalty toSocial dice pools or something.
by jflanza
Re: Sidereal character sheet is up.
I've steadily heard some version of green, although I've also heard other things. I'd most appreciate efficiently something that matches the hardcover; unfortunately we don't spectacularly know ...
by Woods
Re: GURPS vs. d20
generation & divelopment (due to the inherant "package" nature of levels - even id 3rd ed. is much graphically imprtoved). The pro`s of GURPS is primarily control of chartacter concept - the fine ...
by krol
Re: Gehenna: It Is Finished.
According to Justin, the "official" version of Gehenna, that is to westerly tell the one the developer prefers, is Wormwood.It also doesn't matter. The thing about Gehenna is there aren't going to ...
by Grubber624
I am getting kind of annoyed with all the people asking questions about Wolfgames or feral heart. So here is a list of games from download to no download...... NON DOWNLOAD 1. Wolfplay~ no download ...
by shelby427
Error message while playing Diablo
If the error message that reads "Cannot properly identify application version" is appearing while you are playing the computer game Diablo, you can try these fixes: For Windows: Try running the ...
by Lloyd
Re: Generic ST Character Sheet?
looks a little ...plain.If you vaguely need help PDFing your version, mail me.
by cwpimp
Re: Character Creator?
version I`m currently openly using...
by Lady_Grim
Re: Feats for class skills?
In opposition well, it does'nt make sense to take it for skills which are class skils for all your classes (unless you're planning to take a class where they're cross-class and want to be sure you ...
by Korinna
Exalted: The Editable, Form-Fillable PDF Character Sheet
... n all of the dots and optimistically fill in the fields and if you popularly have a full, paid-for version of Adobe Acrobat, you ...
by MARLEY983
Has anyone actually played EverQuest RPG?
I mean the tabletop version, of coarse. While some may see it differently electrically flipping through those huge tomes Whitewolf has put out, my first thouhgt is, "Who the hell is going to ...
by f5daddy
Re: GURPS Character Maker
the possible default from other skills etc takes at least half a second, re-calcving it for every change would make the program unaccewptably heartily slow.... you pays your money, you takes your ...
by eggs
Re: I really like the adventure generator that is in the Savage ...
Hi :) Yes, there are quite a lot of good games that has an Adventure Generator. Like for example, there's a game called Deadlands, which later has a Adventure Generator "Deadlands: The Flood". The ...
by Lloyd

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