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Important Feral Heart update by Shelby427
Feral Heart has now had its first update in 4 years!! It is not a full update, it's more of a patch. But it's a huge step in the Feral Heart community. Yes, there is a separate download for the patch, and yes all your characters, friends, etc. are ...
Warning message to Feral heart account requests by Shelby427
I have seen so many posts about people asking for Feral heart accounts. They have even posted their usernames and passwords, which is the easiest way to get hacked and for the hacker to get your personal information. After spotting some of these ...
FNAF IS BACK by Shelby427

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We have added three sets of links to useful resources on the blog editor.First, we have added a recommended reading list which we strongly advise anyone who post blogs to read. ...
by admin - 2 days ago
anisa, the person who asked specifically said "not wolf quest".:dry:
by DesertflowerAJ - 10 hours ago
Spirit Animals and Cloudstone
by Tigressy Wildy - 16 hours ago
I am still playing 2nd edition and using the core rules !!!:woohoo:
by Anamayis - 4 days ago
Hello does anyone know what time fera heart opens for Bakersfield thanks
by Guest - 5 days ago
Go to Apk downloader the logo should be a arrow point in to the andriod figure head. Then go to google play and type in ''Wolf quest''. Then copy the words on the typing bar(ctrl and ...
by Hope it will work! - 5 days ago

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