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How to set up a game that you've never run before by Lloyd
Did you just get a new game and don't want to see the above message pop up during installation? If so, try the following tips to make sure that your game installs correctly and runs smoothly! 1. After installation, try to update all of your drivers as well as your Direct X to insure that your computer runs with the updated drivers. Doing so will lessen the chances of the game not running ...

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Hi everyone,I apologize about the delay on this, but we wanted to focus on releasing the mobile version. Once it's out the door we will get back to this.Thanks,Mickey.
by admin - 2 days ago
Hello everyone,I'm thrilled to let you know we have completed the mobile support for the current version as well as a major revamp to the UI (graphics) of the entire site.What we haveAs a ...
by admin - 2 days ago
Well, when it comes to someone using MAC, the main problem is usually trying to find and get a hold of a MAC version of the game/application itself. :D
by Lloyd - 3 hours ago
Hi :) The game's Mythology stretches as far as Byzantium, ancient Egypt, Tenochtitlan, and even the India of the Mughals. Here are the different races leaving in Tekumel: - Human - ...
by Lloyd - 19 hours ago
Hi :) There're quite A LOT of Sci-Fi RPG out there. Here are but some games that you might love to play: - Deus Ex - Mass Effect - Starwars: Knights of the old republic - System Shock - ...
by Lloyd - 1 day ago
Hi :) May I ask what version of Dragon Age are you referring to? There are quite a few of versions and editions of this game. Yet, in general, I think Dragon Age's advantage from the ...
by Lloyd - 1 day ago
Hi :) I think the information about this place is purposely hidden for some reasons. Yet here are some information that might be useful: The city itself is where the refugees are fleeing ...
by Lloyd - 1 day ago
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