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Important Feral Heart update by Shelby427
Feral Heart has now had its first update in 4 years!! It is not a full update, it's more of a patch. But it's a huge step in the Feral Heart community. Yes, there is a separate download for the patch, and yes all your characters, friends, etc. are ...
Warning message to Feral heart account requests by Shelby427
I have seen so many posts about people asking for Feral heart accounts. They have even posted their usernames and passwords, which is the easiest way to get hacked and for the hacker to get your personal information. After spotting some of these ...
FNAF IS BACK by Shelby427

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Theres The Isle, its a multiplayer dinosaour game. I haven't tried it out yet, but I've heard its good. Its available for early access on Steam :)
by FoxPlays - 1 day ago
I want to play this game Please Where do I fine this game I can t play it I have to Can I please play this Please I will give you money 10200
by Guest - 2 days ago
by Zubair khan - 2 days ago
No its rilly not. I play it and my older brother used to work there. Its for kids older then 5 becuz there is trading gifting and many other things young kids like that can not understand ...
by Not A Person - 3 days ago
I have an account on Animal Jam that I never use anymore, I think the username is kitten220 and the pass is the same as the username :) :thumb-up:
by Anonymous - 5 days ago
How do i get in the game? I have looked every were for something that says join pack or join game and i have seen nothing.
by Zenie - 6 days ago
They will decide and descibe how their character will act within the game
by Marra M - 6 days ago

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