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Important Feral Heart update by Shelby427
Feral Heart has now had its first update in 4 years!! It is not a full update, it's more of a patch. But it's a huge step in the Feral Heart community. Yes, there is a separate download for the patch, and yes all your characters, friends, etc. are ...
Warning message to Feral heart account requests by Shelby427
I have seen so many posts about people asking for Feral heart accounts. They have even posted their usernames and passwords, which is the easiest way to get hacked and for the hacker to get your personal information. After spotting some of these ...
FNAF IS BACK by Shelby427

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I have had several opportunities to register an account. When I enter in the information, and click "submit" i end up with a website error. Gotten it twice. Never accepts.
by Guest - 1 day ago
which times does feral heart registration open or am i too late? please let me know.
by Guest - 3 days ago
which times does feral heart registration open or am i too late to register
by Guest - 3 days ago
:mad: why are you doing this. just because YOU wont hack doesnt mean other people could hack. thi si redicioules!
by baxterboo22 - 5 days ago
i have the BEST name!!!!! NAME HER........ ... Adara!!!!!! Adara means one of the brightest stars in the sky! it is also the name , of a wolf at yellowstone park!!!! PLEASE USE THIS ...
by Angel - 1 week ago
i can play this games or other wolves games?plz!!!???ilove so much wolves,so i can play?
by Guest - 1 week ago
I really want to join feral heart. But it wont let me register. I check every day but its never open.
by Katria - 1 week ago

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