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Looking for a simulator game like WolfQuest; a game where you can start a family, customize your ... by NightFall
The following games are similar to WolfQuest. They are all games to download, and are not free. Sorry if you wanted free. 1. Untamed Life of a Cougar. You can customise the color on your cougar at the beginning and do the tutorial, then you ...
List of RPG's to play by NightFall
Here's a list of some of the games I've played that I recommend. Non-Download: Animal Jam- A fun 2D kids world. Chatlands - Wolfhome/Catspawisland a chatting website. Wolfing- Literally like Wolfhome Wolf Play/ Horse Edin/ ...

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I registered January 1st, 2017 on Feral Heart, and it took me so long to catch the registration open.
by NightFall - 2 days ago
Niche is actually a genetics survival game where you help kangaroo-fox creatures survive it is quite challenging but educational. It costs $20.00 on steam.
by NightFall - 2 days ago
When it opens i really really want the game but i dont know when registration opens!!! :cry: :cry: :cry::cry:
by Help.. - 6 days ago
I :heart::heart: Animal Jam,but unfortunatly,it has become laggy and glitchy for me. Try to buddy me,i might respond,my user is wolfieme19
by AJexpert33 - 1 week ago
:cry: its not letting me go there it says it is a board game
by cheer leader - 1 week ago
What is the diameter and the length in feet/inches of the WWII German railway gun 800mm x 3.75m shell.
by Guest - 2 weeks ago
I got wolf quest, looking for other games other than wolf quest :laugh:
by DoggoWolfy - 2 weeks ago

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